3.1. Create Table - Single Table Selection
3.2. Create Table - Multiple Tables Selection
3.4. Export & Email Table
3.2. Create Table - Multiple Tables Selection
This function allows you to select up to two Titles for downloading at the same time based on your choice of variables.
You can create a table by selecting the table title from the selection panel on Home Page or by Keyword Search
Create Table Based on Multiple Tables Selection
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From the Home Page, select the Subject Group (i.e. Economy or Population), Subject (e.g. National Accounts, Prices), Topic (e.g. Gross Domestic Products, Expenditure on Gross Domestic Product) and Table Title (e.g. Gross Domestic Product at 2010 Market Prices, By Industry, Annual), for the first table.

Table Titles of other frequencies will be deactivated for the subsequent selection.
Use the same steps to select another Table Title of the same frequency (e.g. Indicators On Population, Annual) for the second table.
A summary of your selection will be displayed in the View Selection panel.

All Table Titles are deactivated for selection after the second table title is selected.

You may double click on the table title under the "Title" column or click on the delete1 to remove a selected table, and return to the Subject, Topic and Title panel to reselect. Once done, click on Continue.

A pop-up window will be displayed.

Click Continue if you agree to abide by the Terms of Use or click Cancel if you do not wish to proceed.

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The corresponding variables of the table selected will be displayed.

From this Selection of Variables page, select the variable(s) and time period(s) required. At least one variable and one time period must be selected.

By default, all variables and time periods are selected. You may select a range of variables/time periods by holding down the Shift or Ctrl button and clicking on the required items. You can also click on Select all/Deselect all buttons to select/deselect all the options within the group.

You could also filter the options under the variable group by keying characters/words in the search textbox below the variable group heading. A list of variables which match the key characters/words will be displayed. By using this search feature, all variable selections made earlier will be un-done.
Click on Create when you have selected the variables you require.

To create a new table using another subject–topic–table title combination, click on the Back button to go back to the Selection Panel on the Home Page.
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