6.1 Multi-Tables Download
This function allows you to export multiple data tables at one go into excel in zip format. A URL will also be provided in the same zipped file to facilitate the downloading of the same set of tables in the future. For each download, the latest available data and information will be provided.
Multi-Tables Download
Step 1 of 3.
On the SingStat Table Builder Home Page, click on the Multi-Tables Download button.

Step 2 of 3.
On the following screen, you may make the selection of the tables you wish to download by clicking on the arrow buttons to expand each subject, and the check-boxes to select the tables, on the Select Table(s) for Download panel on the left.

Step 3 of 3.
Click on the Add button to add the tables to the List of Selected Tables panel on the right. This panel will show the tables that have been selected for download.
To remove tables from this list, click on the check-box(es) next to the title of the table(s) , and click Remove Table.
Click on the Download button at the bottom right to proceed to download the selected tables on the right panel into one zipped file.

A pop-up window will be displayed.

Click on OK to begin the download, or Cancel to return to the selection panel.
The downloaded zipped file will contain the selected tables in Excel format, as well as a text file containing a URL that may be used to download the same set of tables in future.
You can also enter keywords in the search box to find the table(s) you are interested to download.

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