2.1. Basic Search
2.2. Advanced Search
2.1. Basic Search
SingStat Table Builder offers two search functions: Basic and Advanced search.
How to perform a Search

Input keyword(s) into the textbox under "Search" on Home Page. Then click on Go to proceed.


Table titles and variable names containing the search keyword(s) will be displayed in the result page.


Note: if only one table is found, the Selection of Variables page will be displayed automatically.

In the search result page, you can:

[ 1 ] - Click on specific table title to create data table.
[ 2 ] - If there are more than 10 search results, click on the page number hyperlinks at the bottom right side of the result table to retrieve the next 10 search results.
[ 3 ] - Click on Reset to clear the search keyword(s).
[ 4 ] - Enter new keyword(s) and click Search to start another search.
[ 5 ] - Click on [+]Show Advanced Search Options to show the Advanced Search options.

Note: You can access the basic search page by clicking Search hyperlink on the common navigation menu.

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2.2. Advanced Search
The Advanced Search function provides more search options for you to refine your search criteria.
Search Steps

Click on Advanced Search link on the search box in homepage.

There are two search options in Advanced Search:

  - By Subject and Topic
  - By Table Title and Variable Name


To search within a Subject Group (i.e Economy and Population), Subject (e.g. National Accounts, Prices) and/or Topic (e.g. Gross Domestic Product, Consumer Price Index), click on the checkbox next to them and click "Search".

You could also type in the keyword(s) in the text box provided to display all subjects and topics that contain these keywords.

If there are too many search results, try to enter more specific keywords or select the specific subjects or topics to refine your search.


Note: if only one table is found, the Selection of Variables will be displayed automatically.

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