About SingStat Table Builder

1 . What is SingStat Table Builder?
2 . What does SingStat Table Builder contain?
3 . How can I create a customised data table using SingStat Table Builder?
4 . How do I make use of the search engine to look for the data I require?
5 . I am looking for data on Singapore GDP but I can’t seem to find it.
6 . How do I plot a chart of the data table I created?
7 . There are some discrepancies in the percentage change I have computed using SingStat Table Builder and the data published by the Department. Why is that so?
8 . What should I do if the data I require could not be found in the SingStat Table Builder?
9 . I have some enquiries on the data. Who should I check with?
10 . How can I export the tables or charts that I have built using SingStat Table Builder?
11 . How do I find the definitions of the statistical variables?
12 . What other functions are there in SingStat Table Builder?
Last updated: 25 Nov 2021
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